Macarons, macarons!

Froggy Frogs

At the end of last month (November 2012) I was happy to attend a Macarons class. I have always loved this little french desserts that look like little sweet colorful hamburgers. I am so happy i could learn how to bake them! Here I would like to share with you the results, which I think are really similar to the one’s you can buy in any specialized bakery!I hope you enjoy!

macarons by froggy frogs





froggy frogs macarons 2

macarons by froggyfrogs


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From time to time I find myself translating from Tagalog to English, mostly when I want to share Filipino songs to my English-speaking friends. I’m by no means a skilled translator, but I like translating all the same. Most of the time I do close to verbatim translations.

Here’s a translation of one of my favorite Filipino songs called “Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin” (You’re Everything to Me”)

Ikaw ang lahat sa akin,                                            You’re everything to me

Kahit ika’y wala sa aking piling.                             even if you’re not here with me.

Isang magandang alaala,                                         A beautiful memory,

Isang kahapon na lagi kong kasama.                     one that’s always with me.

Ikaw ang lahat sa akin,                                            You’re everything to me,

Kahit ika’y di ko dapat ibigin.                                 even if I shouldn’t love you.

Dapat ba kitang limutin?                                        Should I forget you?

Paano mapipigil                                                      How does one stop 

ang isang damdamin                                              one’s feelings

Kung ang sinisigaw                                                when it calls out

ikaw ang lahat sa akin?                                         that you’re everything to me?

At kung hindi ngayon ang panahon                      And if now is not the time

Upang ikaw ay mahalin                                          to love you…

Bukas na walang hanggan                                     Until the never-ending tomorrow

Ako’y maghihintay pa rin                                      I’ll still be waiting.


It seems awkward and disjointed, no? It’s a simple line by line translation, and doesn’t precisely convey the feeling of the song much… it would definitely sound sappy in English, but definitely epic in Tagalog. LOL. Anyway, the lines I highlighted are the best lines in the song in my humble opinion.

How I Like My Tea~

Earl Grey TeaI looooove Twinings’ Earl Grey Tea. I like drinking it on its own, but I’ve been adding milk to it since the day I decided to teach my little sister to drink tea as well (she hates tea, by the way).

I found that a 1:1.5 ratio between between the tea and milk is best, plus a couple teaspoons of sugar. I steep the tea in almost boiling water for about 3-4 minutes (I like ’em teas strong), then pour cold milk directly to it. (The way the milk unfurls into the tea looks so beautiful). My sister finds this concoction more manageable than plain tea. She calls it eggnog. LOL.

How do you enjoy your tea?